Positive Love

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Timeless-Organic Music Lovers! Imagine listening to Cat Stevens as you walk past Bon Iver holding a Paul Simon record. #Positivity


  • Launched: Oct 31, 2012
  • Funding ends: Nov 30, 2012

I’m looking to you for help to cover the costs of my debut record, “Positive Love”. With your help, this album will take off in dream-like proportions. Become a part of something special.

Over the last 10 years I have honed in on my skills as a singer-songwriter/producer and I am ready to share these accomplishments with you. Having gone through numerous jobs in the past, I have deepened my fundamental observation of life. We all have hardships that we are going through and I’m trying to help shed light towards a positive outlook on life. Ever since letting people into my craft, I have had an overwhelming amount of response that has helped me open up within the last year. People have created music videos, drawn artwork, taken stunning photographs, written articles, and even painted exclusive art on a piggy bank for me to enhance my street performance. I’m thankful for all I have received and I am inviting you to help create the Positive Love debut record movement with me. 

Greater Alexander – Debut Full Length Album: Positive Love


Such a beautiful moment at ex.fm studios.


Last night, Greater Alexander stopped by the exfm office for a little meet & greet and to play a few tunes. It really was something special. We chatted about life, not relying on “hope”, puting in the necessary work, and doing what you do because you love doing it so much and can’t picture…

exfm blog: Greater Alexander Stops By exfm.


Wow. Wow.

This is a phenomenal interview on Bobby Mcferrin. If you are a musician, a painter, a photographer, one who wants expand their imaginative creative side…listen.

Bobby Mcferrin – On Being


Pretty right on. I don’t have an album yet, but I go and busk on the streets of Royal Oak, I go play open mics. I’ve set up my e-mail list and have built my e-mail list to over 400 people in less than 10 months. The more action you take, the more you get closer to your goal and accomplishments.


There’s kind of a thing going around over the past year or two where it’s become not only acceptable but the accepted norm to NOT promote your band. It’s like the backlash to 5-10 years ago, when the internet blew up, and kids spent hours getting fake MySpace plays. That carried over to Facebook…

Music Brings Us Together – Powered by Fusion Shows: There’s kind of a thing going around over the past year or two where…


The Universe’s Resume

Work Experience:
Created the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Special Talents:
Knows all things.
Exists everywhere, always, at once.
Capable of rallying legions.
Big time matter manipulator.
Spontaneous healer.

Unique Characteristics:
Worshipped, feared, and misunderstood by many.
Boundless lover of life.
Blazing insights.
Great sense of humor.
Cute, cute, cute.

Gosh, you’re right, Alexander, we do have tons in common. This could have been mine.

I’d hire you –
The Universe

The stairs of positivity.

Each moment of silent meditation is taking a step towards the positive abundance that is within us. – Greater Alexander

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