The path to achieving a dream can be a long, arduous journey. On it, you see remnants of those that have traveled before you. You see lost hope and altered courses. Indie-folk artist, Greater Alexander, has seen all of that and more, yet he steadily walks that long road with a smile and a big heart. Love is his fuel and spreading it is his goal.

Hailing from Southfield, Mich. (by way of New York and Athens, Greece), Greater Alexander is a tried and true singer/songwriter. Partaking in this rebirth of Michigan and its glorious folk music, his voice is instantly soothing as it floats across the finely plucked and gently strummed guitar that finds its home in his arms. Greater Alexander nurtures his music from its birth on paper to the recording stage where he tracks his own vocal melodies over one another to create a full-fledged, lush sound.

After having over 30 different jobs in his life, from barista to healthcare provider, Alexander knows that life has an equilibrium of positivity and negativity. His music conveys that teeter-totter that everyone experiences. Tracks like “Let it Be Me” captures that rollercoaster of emotions that love inevitably puts us on. While “Better Days” is a grateful promise that tomorrow will be filled with memories that will warm us in our silent times.

His 12-track debut album is being featured in local shows and web videos on a regular basis.

Greater Alexander’s conquests have been the focus of the acclaimed Groove Box Studios video series. His songs encompass all the tools required to preach love to listeners: Classical and acoustic guitars, piano, African and Latin percussion instruments. Arranged and recorded with some of Detroit’s best musicians from bands like Flint Eastwood, Passalacqua and Will Sessions.

The album features the single “Any Way Out of It,” a beautiful ode to simpler times for our complex minds. Other songs like “Oh You” and “Positive Love” are tinged with nods to Moustaki’s strength, Simon and Garfunkel’s harmonization and Bon Iver’s subtle falsetto.


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